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Buy Mineral Fertilizers # 2014: Ammonium Nitrate + Carbamid Urea N46% | Russian Seller Export FOB+CIF

Where to buy urgently urea n46%, ammonium nitrate fertilizers?

Urea A, B and ammonium nitrate in bulk export FOB + DAF + CIF?

 My name is Denis Amosov, director of marketing, I'm 31 years old. Selling Urea nitrate, ammonium sulfate, Chemical Fertilizers for export!


Fertilizer directly from the factories of Russia and Iran 100% of direct sellers!

Sale of fertilizers through trader with 10 years experience!

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Thank you, that you went to the site - will appreciate our offer:

Mineral nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer # 2014 from Russia + Iran!


 | Wholesaler for export urea B / urea Urea B N46% |

| Wholesaler for export ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) NH4NO3 | Urea A, B + nitrate wholesale, factory direct supplier-manufacturer!

World exports and 100% reliable supplier!

 Production of nitrogen fertilizer, plant Russia + Iran!


Sale of agricultural fertilizers min export to Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Africa, Asia, Turkey!

The procedure of the transaction on buying \ selling Urea UREA N46% for export:


Offer # 1 ( April 2014 ):

Mineral nitrogen fertilizer: where to buy urgently Urea B  / Urea N46%?

Production + receipt of urea N46% in Russia, Ukraine and Iran!



Direct Trader with a quota of urea supplies more than 10 years all over the world!


Packaging big bags, 50 kg bags or in bulk, GOST 2081-2010

Urea FOB Ports: Russia, the Black Sea, Baltic + FOB Iran!


The cost of urea, "Grade B" to export up to 30 April 2014:

Now the world price of a tonne of urea "UREA B N46%":


| FOB Russia + FOB Iran, 12 500 MT = the price ~ $ 400 USD | 

| Price of urea "UREA B N46%" export: CIF + DAF = price after LOI |


Sales of fertilizer urea 100% FREE AGENTS

   Accurate offer 100% after LOI, for 24-48 hours FCO + draft of the contract.

LOI to submit right now: denis@enteropt.ru


  The use of urea in the photo - nitrogen fertilizer complex for fields.

Purchase and import the types of fertilizers from the supplier want to buy?


  Offer # 2 ( April 2014 ):

Mineral nitrogen fertilizer in bulk: where to buy urgently ammonium nitrate NH4NO3?

Ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), GOST 2-85

Production + receipt of nitrate in Russia, Ukraine and Iran!


Direct Trader with a quota supply nitrate over 10 years all over the world!

Ammonium Nitrate FOB Port: Russia, the Black Sea, Baltic + Iran!


The cost of ammonium nitrate exported to April, 30 # 2014:

| Now price of tonn nitrate FOB, CIF + DAF Export = price after LOI |


LOI to submit right now: denis@enteropt.ru


 Application ammichnoy nitrate, as a kind of chemical fertilizers in agriculture!

  Will contract only with the real buyer and 100% reputation!

LOI to submit right now: denis@enteropt.ru


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My name is Denis Amosov, I'm 30 years old.

I am the Director of Development and ready to answer your questions!